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Always Up to date Therapist Letter for Emotional Support Animals


Emotional Support Animals provide comfort to their handler during stressful situations by their presence only. Any animal can be an emotional support animal, although dogs and cats are most common. Owners will typically be asked to produce a letter from a Doctor or Registered Therapist stating diagnosis and recommending the use of an Emotional Support Animal.

We are happy to bring this service to you within the comfort of your home.

It easy as 1-2-3 :

  • Complete your purchase online
  • You will receive an Email with a link to the online diagnosis questionnaire, open the link and submit the form
  • Once one of our registered therapists has reviewed your information, they will contact you to set a time for a phone interview.
  • At the end of the interview, our therapist will make a diagnosis and if they estimate that you suffer from an ailment which would benefit from the presence of an Emotional Support Animal, they will produce the ESA letter.
  • You will receive your ESA letter within 72 hours of completing your phone interview by email, in secure PDF format.
  • Should your diagnosis not support an ESA, we will refund your purchase .

Your ESA letter is valid for 12 months. Please note that airlines and landlords will require a letter that is less than 12 month old.


  • Our consulting therapists are all currently licensed mental health professionals (many others on the web use MDs or unlicensed therapists who are NOT allowed to provide these opinions) 
  • Our letters include custom airline forms for American, Delta, United, JetBlue, Alaskan, Spirit, Frontier and WestJet Airlines. Our Therapist letter alone will satisfy other airlines for domestic travel.
  • Our housing and travel letters are kept up to date with the latest changes to ensure they meet current landlord and airline requirements.
  • Our Therapists are available to speak to authorities directly if live voice verification of diagnosis is required 
  • UNIQUE to FreeMyPaws - With our "Always Up to date plan"  you AUTOMATICALLY receive updated airline forms as soon as they come out so you're NEVER STUCK with an outdated form and unable to fly.

* $82.99 due at time of order (Therapist Consultation Fee $75 + first month subscription of $7.99).
Monthly Subscription of $7.99 per month will be automatically charged on the same day each month thereafter.

** Free My Paws will automatically email updates to new or updated forms from participating airlines as soon as they are available.